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Parra is a Spanish surname, meaning vine bower or trellis (architecture), for example, a pergola. From the word meaning latticework and the vines raised on it.

  • Alondra de la Parra (born 1980), Mexican conductor, sister of Mane de la Parra
  • Ángel Parra (judoka), Spanish judoka
  • Beatriz Parra Durango, Ecuadorian classical soprano
  • Carolina Parra, Brazilian musician
  • Derek Parra, U.S. Olympic Gold medalist speed skater
  • Emoé de la Parra (born 1955), Mexican actress and academic, aunt of Alondra and Mane de la Parra
  • Fabio Parra, Colombian road cyclist
  • Facundo Parra, Argentine footballer
  • Francisco Parra Capó, mayor of Ponce, Puerto Rico, from 1921 to 1923
  • Francisco Parra Duperón (1827–1899), Puerto Rican lawyer and banker
  • Gabriel Parra, Chilean drummer of the folk group Los Jaivas, not related to the Parra family (see below)
    • Juanita Parra, Chilean drummer of the folk group "Los Jaivas", daughter of Gabriel Parra
  • Gerardo Parra, Major League baseball player from Venezuela
  • Ibán Parra, Spanish footballer
  • Joaquín Parra (born 1961), Spanish footballer
  • John Parra, Colombian road cyclist
  • José Parra (baseball), Dominican baseball player
  • José Parra Martínez, Spanish footballer
  • Lorenzo Parra, Venezuelan flyweight boxer
  • Mane de la Parra (born 1982), Mexican singer and actor, brother of Alondra de la Parra
  • Manny Parra, Mexican-American baseball player
  • Marco Parra, Mexican footballer
  • Marco Parra Sánchez
  • Morgan Parra (born 1988), French rugby union player
  • Parra family, Chilean family known for its many artists
    • Violeta Parra, Chilean folk singer
    • Nicanor Parra, Chilean mathematician and poet, brother of Violeta
    • Roberto Parra Sandoval, Chilean folk singer, brother of Violeta
    • Ángel Parra, Chilean folk singer, son of Violeta
    • Isabel Parra, Chilean folk singer, daughter of Violeta
    • Catalina Parra, Chilean artist, daughter of Nicanor
    • Colombina Parra, Chilean rock musician and singer, daughter of Nicanor
    • Javiera Parra, Chilean rock musician and singer, granddaughter of Violeta
  • La Cruz de la Parra, the oldest artifact connected with Columbus to be found on the American Continent located in Baracoa, Cuba
  • La Parra, a municipality located in the province of Badajoz, Extremadura, Spain
  • Parra, Goa, a village in the Bardez sub-district of Goa, India
  • Parra letters, used in Colonial orthography for Mayan languages

Usage examples of "parra".

Grossman is the author of The Antipoetry of Nicanor Parra and of many articles and book reviews.

I know Juanita and Parra were together there and they weren't playing Chinese checkers.

Egil brought in one of the dogs Eina Parrasdaughter, and Parra Lorinsdaughter after her, was so famous for raising, and played with her by the hour, happily.