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Paro may refer to:

  • Matteo Paro (born 1983), Italian footballer
  • Paro (robot), a therapeutic robot baby harp seal
  • Paro, Bhutan
  • Paro Airport, Bhutan
  • Paro District, Bhutan
  • Paro, a Moai on Rapa Nui ( Easter Island)
  • Paro, a fictional character in Devdas
  • Páró, the Hungarian name for Părău Commune, Braşov County, Romania
  • Paro, a genus of Linyphiidae spiders
Paro (robot)

Paro is a therapeutic robot baby harp seal, intended to be very cute and to have a calming effect on and elicit emotional responses in patients of hospitals and nursing homes, similar to animal-assisted therapy except using robots.

Usage examples of "paro".

She approached Miss Paro with her story and was advised to get in touch with me.

And, unknown to Miss Paro and Jane, I was in touch with a distant contactee who was communicating with "Apholes.

Miss Paro went to the radio station and waited all afternoon but neither the princess nor the photographer showed up.

Miss Paro is a dark-haired, dark-eyed young lady with a soft, haunting voice.