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n. A dish served with parmesan cheese


ParM is a prokaryotic actin homologue which provides the force to drive copies of the R1 plasmid to opposite ends of rod shaped bacteria before cytokinesis.

ParM is a monomer that is encoded in the DNA of the R1 plasmid and manufactured by the host cell’s ribosomes. In the cytoplasm it spontaneously polymerizes forming short strands that either bind to ParR or hydrolyze. ParR stabilizes ParM and prevents it from hydrolyzing. Once bound by ParR at both ends, monomer units continue to attach to the ends of the ParM and the resulting reaction pushes R1 plasmids to opposite ends of the cell. ParMs from different bacterial plasmids can form astonishingly diverse helical structures comprising two or four strands to maintain faithful plasmid inheritance.

Usage examples of "parm".

The hitherside tower is called Parm Tower, after the man who built it.

At Parm Tower he is afforded the hospitality of the hunter-class women, which is a thing done otherwise only between two bands in payment of some very high favor.

Jin himself has entertained us in Parm Tower hall and given us gifts which we are hard put to reciprocate.

Jin said, in the warmth of Parm Tower, in the closeness that smelled of brew and Calibans and smoke and men.

Genley gathered himself up from his rock with the few fish he had speared and came hurrying in, splashing across the shallows and hastening alongside the scant cultivation Parm Tower afforded.

Two months cut off in this relative desolation, two months of fishing and the stink of water and rot and mud and Parm all prickly with having outsiders in his hall.

There were other things about Parm he would have wished to say, but a list seemed risky.

A small voice, while Parm looked at him and reckoned his chances, how much time this bought.

Perhaps Parm misjudged, how important starmen were to him, or where in matters they fitted.

Drubber ordered me some fresh Parm, and Pete gave me a thumbnail rundown on the romantic lives of a couple of guys in town.