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Parly is a commune in the Yonne department in Burgundy in north-central France.

Usage examples of "parly".

If we do not change by either adopting an assimilationist program or insisting on metered and legal immigration, or both, we shall soon see a culture in southern and central California that really is a hybrid civilization, a zona libre not unlike what already exists in parts of inner Los Angeles and many rural California towns such as Orange Cove, Mendota, Malaga and Parlier.

I drive from rural Selma to Fresno each morning on a congested freeway, fighting traffic with thousands of young Hispanic girls in new Hondas, on their way from rural towns like Fowler, Parlier and Woodlake to jobs in health care, law, government and education in Fresno.

His unspoken, apparently racist, message was echoed by a resident of Parlier, another nearby town that has also become essentially all Mexican.

As I see it, what both of these very bright, proud, capable men instead meant was that there were simply too many unassimilated Mexicans in Mendota and Parlier to ensure an American future for their children, a critical mass that had made both towns more resemble those left behind in Mexico than those in the United States, and therefore less safe, secure and desirable places to live.

Does Parlier, which is 99 percent Hispanic, have dark clouds of particulate matter while five miles away the town of Reedley, which is more white than Mexican-American, enjoys clear blue skies?

The Central Valley town of Parlier or Mendota could be the model for large parts of California if immigration remains unchecked.

Once mounted, the newcomers divided into two parlies, one riding toward the Herrenhaus of the Empire's ambassador to the court of the High King and the other exiting the city and making directly for the camp of the English Herzog and his condotta.