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n. (context Canada English) A small urban park

Usage examples of "parkette".

In those days Harold Parkette had followed the Boston Red Sox on the radio with a beer in his hand and the knowledge that God was in his heaven and all was right with the world, including his lawn.

But last year, in mid-October, fate had played Harold Parkette a nasty trick.

Harold Parkette refused to look, as if by refusing he could deny the grotesque spectacle that the Castonmeyers and Smiths -wretched Democrats both - were probably drinking in with horrified but no doubt righteously I-told-you-so eyes.

Lab boys says somebody chased Parkette through his own living room with a lawnmower.

Hollus’s shuttle dropped silently from the sky, and landed not as it had the first time, out front of the planetarium, but rather behind the museum, along Philosopher’s Walk, a grassy U of T parkette that snaked from Varsity Stadium over toward Hart House.