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Pargo may refer to:

  • Pargo, a logistic company based in South Africa
  • Jannero Pargo
  • The pargo, a fish also known as the red snapper
  • , the name of more than one United States Navy ship

Usage examples of "pargo".

She might have had the information that had been tortured out of Pargo to lead her there, without the necessity of following the lorry as she said she had done.

If only Pargo could have got through to him before that happened with the information which he had paid for at such a price .

For Peter Quentin and Hoppy Uniatz and Pargo and the girl whose life might be worth no more than theirs now that she also knew too much, the Saint struck like a blacksmith, knowing that if he failed to connect completely with one punch he would have no chance to throw in a second.

Ben Adams watched the same scene played out for the Spadefish, the Archerfish, the Whale, the Barracuda, the Pargo, the Sturgeon and the Piranha.

At the far end of the Kyi Chu, we pause at the Pargo Kaling -- the Western Gate -- an ornate arch eighty-five meters tall.

When they exit by the main steps and approach the Pargo Kaling, the great Western Gate on this side of the Kyi Chu Bridge, they find Regent Reting Tokra blocking the way with five hundred of his finest Palace Guard troops.

Tokra nods at someone high up in the gleaming eyes on the Pargo Kaling tower and the black chrome bridge of Kyi Chu slides silently back into the mountain.

After the timeless interlude of slaughter under the Pargo Kaling Western Gate, Nemes leads the way up the tower and across the great metal cables holding the suspension bridge in place.

It took Bing, his helper Pargo, both Mackies and Nate to get the job done.