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n. (context informal English) A parenthesis (gloss: bracket used to enclose parenthetical material in text).

Usage examples of "paren".

She recognized the incals for Paren, Arran, Dillan and Saril, some of the most influential Houses in Imardin.

If this is how the men of House Paren behave, then they have no better manners than the average bolhouse lout.

To my left stands the adversary, Regin, of the family Winar, House Paren, favored novice of Lord Garrel.

Sleeping next to him in the huge old bed that had been in the family since the days of Charles EL She would not be the first female member of her family to enter a loveless marriage--far from it, and even these days, in moneyed and powerful circles, marriage were often still very much paren tally instituted and approved, no matter how much this might be glossed over.

We are indebted to all of the families who have participated in Paren Talk and the Soho Parenting Center.

All these things he knew, before he had to take account of Paren, before he had to believe the man.