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Parel or Lower Parel is a neighbourhood of Mumbai. It lends its name to two railway stations ( Parel and Lower Parel) on the Mumbai Suburban Railway. Parel West is also known as Elphinstone due to the Elphinstone Road railway station that lies in close proximity to the neighbourhood.

Many of the cotton mills in Mumbai and housing for their employees were in this area until the beginning of the 21st century when most of these mills were shut down. Lower Parel, which too was once dominated by textile mills till the 1980s, morphed into a posh locality as part of the redevelopment of Mumbai mills. The area is now dominated by luxury skyscraper apartments, upscale restaurants and pubs, premium office space, luxury hotels, and boutiques.

Usage examples of "parel".

King Ben of Ronagate bore down beamingly upon them, Queen Parel of Kilburnia regarded them with regal approval, and King Norock and Queen Narock, joint sovereigns of the Curious Kingdom of Lig, paused in their earnest discussion with the Archduke of Mercia to give a friendly wave.

Een van die geestelijken had de Parel van Grote Waarde volgens Emilio het mooist onder woorden gebracht: menselijkheid voorbij de seksualiteit, liefde voorbij de eenzaamheid, seksuele identiteit gebaseerd op trouw, moed, mededogen.

Hij had geleerd de eenzaamheid te verdragen en te blijven erkennen dat de Parel alle ontberingen waard was, dag in dag uit, avond aan avond, jaar na jaar.

You know, as a child my ayah was a Roman Catholic, who would take us children to church-the one by the Botanical Gardens in Parel, if you know it.

Evelyne stood with clasped hands as Dr Collins handed Doris a parel, saying it contained a few things that had belonged to his wife that he would like her to have.