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parasitic worm

n. worm that is parasitic on the intestines of vertebrates especially roundworms and tapeworms and flukes [syn: helminth]

Parasitic worm (disambiguation)

Parasitic worm, known for flukes and intestinal worms, may refer to:

  • Acanthocephala, or the spiny-headed worms all of which are parasitic.
  • Helminth collectively describes the unrelated "worm-like" groups platyhelminthes and nematoda
  • Hirudinea, extoparasitic annelids commonly known as leeches
  • Nematoda, or roundworms the most well known of which are parasitic
    • Enterobius, commonly known as pinworms, cause the disease enterobiasis.
    • Hookworms, intestinal parasites of mammals.
  • Pentastomida, sometimes referred to as tongue worms which are obligate parasites
  • Platyhelminthes, or flatworms the phyla which contains the parasitic tapeworms and flukes
  • Trematoda, flukes
    • Liver fluke
    • Blood fluke
    • Lung fluke
    • Intestinal fluke

Usage examples of "parasitic worm".

Thirty years before, Whitbread's asteroid-mining Engineer had been infected with the parasitic worm.

He held a brass bougie-box by its handle, a wax taper coiled inside its drum-shaped interior like a pale, parasitic worm.

Then she infected Jeeke's mistress with spores of a parasitic worm.

The angry welts of scar tissue looked like the tracks of some parasitic worm burrowing just under the skin.

Or was she talking to a common variety of parasitic worm with no more intelligence than any other worm?

For an agonized moment all that Johnnie could think was that it was indeed something like that some giant, parasitic worm eating its way out of its unlucky host.