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n. (plural of para English)

Paras (film)

Paras is a 1971 Hindi film starring: Sanjeev Kumar, Raakhee, Mehmood, Farida Jalal, Shatrughan Sinha, Madan Puri.


Paras may refer to:

  • Parshvanatha, 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism
  • Paras, Crown Prince of Nepal
  • Paras (film), a 1971 Hindi film
  • Paratroopers
    • The Parachute Regiment, a unit in the British Army, known as "the paras"
  • Parash Pathar, the name for philosopher's stone in India
  • Paras (Pokémon)
  • Paras District, one of six districts of the province Cangallo in Peru
  • Parás, Nuevo León, a town in Northern Mexico.
  • Paras TV, Indian TV Channel on Jainism
  • Surname
    • Benjie Paras, a Filipino actor and a former professional basketball player
    • Kobe Paras (born 1997), Filipino basketball player and son of Benjie Paras
    • Andre Paras, Filipino actor and son of Benjie Paras

Usage examples of "paras".

The Paras had sorted that out, hair, attitude, even the required discipline of book-study, the lot.

The Paras had been his entire life wife, kids, family all rolled up into one, stamped in silver with a winged parachute, crown and lion.

The older man, by then an officer in the Paras and just back from combat in the Falklands, had thought about it for a moment, cracked his mocking grin and handed back the final line given by Joe E.

Without a pause, the Paras and the Marines began the grueling forced march through the mud and rain east to the capital.

SAS comes from the Paras because their training and combat roles are similar, but the SAS claims their tests are harder.

She presumed it was a transfer back to Arabia, and she quite properly put to him an ultimatum: You can have the Paras, the SAS and your bloody desert or you can come to Birmingham and have a marriage.

UK, and back in the Paras, a lieutenant colonel and instructor at Camberley Staff College.

SAS and the Paras took twelve injured, and one SAS man, Brad Tinnion, died of his wounds.

On the south side of the Rokel Creek, the Paras had lost their radio to the same mortar blast that hit the attack leader.

He was going to drop in and seize the airstrip with his paras before the Cessna could take off again.

He was followed in rapid succession by a string of other paras, and the sky was filled with a forest of sinister mushrooms, poisonous green and swaying gently in the light morning breeze, but sinking towards the parched brown turf of the airstrip.

On the cab, Tungata was firing up into the sky, measured controlled bursts, hoping more to intimidate the descending paras than to inflict casualties.

Craig saw one of the paras fall and drag away loose and lifeless on his shrouds.