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Commander Van Winkle and Sergeant Major Parant of the infantry battalion intercepted him.

He flicked his eyes questioningly at Parant, who studiously ignored him.

He looked at the other officers and senior NCOs on the platform, pivoted, and marched out of the compartment with Van Winkle, Parant, and Shiro following.

Shiro and Parant both sharply elbowed him in the ribs, and he bit off a grunt.

He started to rise, but dropped back onto the chair when he saw Shiro and Parant start to reach for him.

Sergeant Major Parant called, and the new second squad leader broke ranks and marched forward to join the growing rank in front of the reviewing stand.

Commander Van Winkle, Sergeant Major Parant, Captain Conorado, Top Myer, some buddies from other platoons the men might bring as guests.

Commander Van Winkle, Sergeant Major Shiro, and Sergeant Major Parant, also guests of honor, were right in there with the rest of them, shouting and whistling and stamping their feet.

Sergeants Major Shiro and Parant both risked burned lips from the stubs they managed to keep burning in the corner of their mouths.

He glanced at the open place, then dealt Parant a seven to go along with the eight, ten, and Thor showing.

But what were the odds of Shiro or Parant filling their flush or straight?

Major Shiro, get Commander Van Winkle and Sergeant Major Parant up here fast, and all of you come in to see me.

Sergeant Major Parant smiled cryptically and settled farther back in his chair.

He smiled victoriously at Sergeant Major Parant, who smiled back and just shook his head slowly.

Sergeant Major Parant said as he laid down a full house, three tens over a pair of fours.