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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ It seemed possible that Soviet paranoia could spark a war at any time.
▪ Douglas also developed some mild paranoia that, in a president, might have had far more serious consequences.
▪ He had looked and sounded alone, and inadvertently given the impression of paranoia.
▪ He has never recovered from the paranoia of the Nixon years, and his reclusiveness is legendary.
▪ If she mentioned paranoia, Buzz would insist that Elinor was the victim of a lot of quacks.
▪ Others may under-report due to dishonesty, forgetfulness or paranoia.
▪ She saved her curses until she could shout them into the night - then swallowed them anyway out of paranoia.
▪ Was it paranoia or could she really feel some one closing in on her?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

paranoia \par`a*noi"a\ (p[a^]r`[.a]*noi"[.a]), n. [NL., fr. Gr. para`noia.]

  1. (Med.) A chronic form of insanity characterized by very gradual impairment of the intellect, systematized delusion, and usually by delusions of persecution or mandatory delusions producing homicidal tendency. In its mild form paranoia may consist in the well-marked crotchetiness exhibited in persons commonly called ``cranks.'' Paranoiacs usually show evidences of bodily and nervous degeneration, and many have hallucinations, esp. of sight and hearing.

  2. Unwarranted suspicion of the motives of others; -- used colloquially in a non-technical sense. [Colloq.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions," 1848 (earlier paranoea 1811), from Greek paranoia "mental derangement, madness," from paranoos "mentally ill, insane," from para- "beside, beyond" (see para- (1)) + noos "mind."\n\nFOR several years frequent descriptions have been given in the foreign journals, especially German and Italian, of the forms of insanity designated by the names Paranoia, Verrücktkeit, and Wahnsinn.

["Paranoia -- Systematized Delusions and Mental Degenerations," J. Séglas (transl. William Noyes), 1888]


n. 1 A psychotic disorder characterized by delusions of persecution. 2 extreme, irrational distrust of others.


n. a psychological disorder characterized by delusions of persecution or grandeur


Paranoia is a thought process believed to be heavily influenced by anxiety or fear, often to the point of delusion and irrationality. Paranoid thinking typically includes persecutory, or beliefs of conspiracy concerning a perceived threat towards oneself (e.g. "Everyone is out to get me"). Paranoia is distinct from phobias, which also involve irrational fear, but usually no blame. Making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia. For example, an incident most people would view as an accident or coincidence, a paranoid person might believe was intentional.

Paranoia (role-playing game)

Paranoia is a dystopian science-fiction tabletop role-playing game originally designed and written by Greg Costikyan, Dan Gelber, and Eric Goldberg, and first published in 1984 by West End Games. Since 2004 the game has been published under licence by Mongoose Publishing. The game won the Origins Award for Best Roleplaying Rules of 1984 and was inducted into the Origins Awards Hall of Fame in 2007. Paranoia is notable among tabletop games for being more competitive than co-operative, with players encouraged to betray one another for their own interests, as well as for keeping a light-hearted, tongue in cheek tone despite its dystopian setting.

The game is set in a dystopian future city which is controlled by an artificial intelligence construct called The Computer, and where information (including the game rules) are restricted by color-coded security clearance. Players are initially enforcers of The Computer's authority, and will be given missions to seek out and eliminate threats to The Computer's control. The players are also part of prohibited underground movements, and will have secret objectives including theft from and murder of other players.

Several editions of the game have been published since the original version, and the franchise has spawned several spin-offs, novels and comic books based on the game.

A Kickstarter has successfully been funded for a new edition.

Paranoia (magazine)

Since 1992, Paranoia: The Conspiracy & Paranormal Reader has presented alternative views and marginalized theories of the inner workings of the cryptocracy. Subjects include conspiracy theories, parapolitics, alternative history, and the paranormal.

Paranoia (game show)

Paranoia is a game show that aired on the Fox Family channel that aired from April to May in 2000. The show was hosted by Peter Tomarken, and the first game show since the 1950s to be recorded live with contestants playing in the studio, by satellite, over the phone, and on the show's website.

Paranoia (1967 film)

Paranoia is a 1967 Dutch drama film directed by Adriaan Ditvoorst. It was entered into the 17th Berlin International Film Festival.

Paranoia (comic book)
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Paranoia (Hermans book)

Paranoia is a 1953 short story collection by the Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans. The titular story was adapted into the 1967 film Paranoia, directed by Adriaan Ditvoorst.

Paranoia (2013 film)

Paranoia is an American thriller film directed by Robert Luketic. Barry L. Levy and Jason Hall wrote the screenplay, loosely based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Joseph Finder. It stars Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, Amber Heard, and Harrison Ford. The film was released on August 16, 2013, and grossed $13.8 million. It was described as "clichéd and unoriginal" on Rotten Tomatoes, where it has a 6% approval rating.

Paranoia (disambiguation)

Paranoia is a thought process that typically includes persecutory delusions.

Paranoia may also refer to:

In film and television:

  • Paranoia (1967 film), a Dutch drama
  • Paranoia (1969 film), originally titled Orgasmo, an Italian drama directed by Umberto Lenzi
  • Paranoia (1970 film) (released in the U.S. as A Quiet Place to Kill, to avoid confusion with Orgasmo), an Italian film, also directed by Umberto Lenzi
  • Paranoia (1998 film), an American thriller starring Sally Kirkland
  • Paranoia (2013 film), a thriller starring Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth and Harrison Ford
  • Paranoia (game show), a 2000 live, interactive American game show
  • "Paranoia" (Law & Order), an episode of Law & Order
  • "Paranoia" (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

In music:

  • "Paranoia" (Eiko Shimamiya song), Japanese song by Eiko Shimamiya
  • "Paranoia," by 180 from the video game Dance Dance Revolution
  • "Paranoia," by A Day to Remember
  • "Paranoia," by Hawkwind from Hawkwind
  • "Paranoia," a song by Royce da 5'9" from Independent's Day
  • "Paranoia," by Sam Roberts from We Were Born in a Flame
  • "Paranoia," by Soulfly from Conquer
  • "Paranoia, Paranoia," by Bauhaus, a B-side of the single " Lagartija Nick"

In other media:

  • Paranoia (magazine), a magazine of conspiracy theories and the paranormal
  • Paranoia (role-playing game), a 1984 dystopian science-fiction role-playing game
  • Paranoia (Hermans book), a 1953 short story collection by the Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans
  • Paranoia (novel), a novel by Joseph Finder
  • Paranoia (video game), a 1995 Czech videogame
Paranoia (Eiko Shimamiya song)

Paranoia is a maxi single released by the J-pop singer Eiko Shimamiya. It will be produced by Geneon and I've Sound. The single is scheduled to be released on July 29, 2009, a month after releasing her fifth single Super scription of data. It has to be noted that this is Shimamiya's first single which does not have an anime tie-in. This single has also been contained in the I've Sound 10th Anniversary 「Departed to the future」 Special CD BOX which was released on March 25, 2009.

The coupling song To lose in amber -I'VE in BUDOKAN 2009 live ver.- is the live version of her visual novel theme song with I've Sound that she performed in their concert in Budokan last January 2, 2009.

The single will only come in a limited CD+DVD edition (GNCV-0019). The DVD will contain the Promotional Video for Paranoia.

Paranoia (novel)

Paranoia is a 2004 novel written by Joseph Finder and published in the United States by St. Martin's Press and Orion Publishing Group in the United Kingdom. Paranoia was a New York Times bestseller whose marketing campaign attracted national attention. St. Martin's reported four printings of the hardcover edition with 140,000 copies printed.

Paranoia is the story of Adam Cassidy, whose prank jeopardizes his low-level job at a technology corporation. His superiors give him the chance to save his job if he agrees to an undercover corporate espionage assignment at a rival company.

In April 2009, Variety reported that the French film company Gaumont had acquired Paranoia for adaptation as a motion picture. The motion picture, also called Paranoia, was released in August 2013.

Paranoia (A Day to Remember song)

"Paranoia" is a single from American rock band A Day to Remember, released on March 9, 2016.

Paranoia (video game)

Paranoia! (or Paranoia) is a Czech conquest science fiction video game and a clone of Dune II. It was developed by Phoenix Arts in 1995 and distributed by Vision and later by MEC. It is the first Czech RTS.

Usage examples of "paranoia".

He possesses the Lovering allele of cold virus paranoia, wearing wool coats in the height of summer.

That paranoia could be just a hint of the latent, hostile, antisocial feelings that have grown up over the years.

Lewis found their level of paranoia encouraging, and had actually started to relax a little when a shop assistant suddenly ran forward out of nowhere with an autograph pad in his hand that for one heart-stopping moment looked very like a bomb.

Big Screen was like an electroshock cattle prod hammered down the earthquake faults of human identity which ripple and shudder at magnitude ten and slip and slide and pulverize and resettle into new and rarely improved and NEVER stable identities and wait for the next inevitable twitch and shudder that will send reality sprawling once again like pieces of ice flying around a high-speed blender and create a new and even more unstable formation and reinforce the creeping paranoia that has flooded the dazed soul that WAS you but has become something else, something different THAT was what FILM could do.

American traditions of defeat and their link to paranoia and aggression, we must note the strong element of class resentment in the whole millenarian tradition.

This is due to a determined hypothesis that the later stage of the ongoing disease of this Pandemic is that of psychosis simulating in otherwise normal people, that of schizophrenia, paranoia, perhaps violent episodes.

But the two of them had got on well enough before the separation, and Tchicaya was sick of only talking to Preservationists at the interfactional meetings, when the entire discussion was guaranteed to revolve around a mixture of procedural issues and mutual paranoia.

Science in the Third Reich sanitized paranoia, disguising hatred of the Jew in the language and practice of a biological-medical argument premised on identifying the Jew with infection.

But aside from so-called quasi-possession--- those cases that are ultimately reducible to fraud, paranoia and hysteria--- the problem has always lain with interpreting the phenomena, the oldest interpretation being the spiritist, an impression that is likely to be strengthened by the fact that the intruding personality may have accomplishments quite foreign to the first.

With ziphead snoops, covering your ass was a major exercise in paranoia.

Atlanta, no real plan in mind except to meet the Cajun godfather in person, try to shake him up and crank his paranoia up an octave with the news that members of his home team in New Orleans had begun to crack.

The power of even the best of them had created an understandable egocentrism and also a sense of paranoia, for they did not wish to lose what they had.

The Seger I knew was caring, funny and full of life not paranoia and anger.

The amphetamines fuelled his paranoia and turned the whites of his eyes pink.

Paranoia told me they were looking at my nose, but in this place, the fortress of androids, I was pretty sure that Bill was the attraction.