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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Papua \Papua\ prop. n. A Pacific island north of Australia; governed by Australia and Indonesia.

Syn: New Guinea.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

race that inhabits New Guinea, 1610s, from Malay papuah "frizzled." Related: Papuan.

Papua (province)

Papua Province is the largest and easternmost province of Indonesia. It lies in West Papua region, which comprises the Indonesian western half of the island of New Guinea and nearby islands. Papua is bordered by the nation of Papua New Guinea to the east, and by West Papua province to the west. Its capital is Jayapura. It was formerly called Irian Jaya (before that West Irian or Irian Barat) and comprised all of Indonesian New Guinea. In 2002 the current name was adopted and in 2003 West Papua province was created within West Papua region from western parts of Papua province.


Papua, Irian Jaya or Papuan may refer to:

Relating to the island of New Guinea:

  • New Guinea, a large island in the southwest Pacific Ocean
  • Papuan people, who are indigenous to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands
  • Papuan languages, spoken by Papuan peoples
  • Papua New Guinea, an independent country comprising the eastern half of the island of New Guinea
    • Territory of Papua and New Guinea (1949–1975), an Australian-administered predecessor of Papua New Guinea
    • Territory of Papua (1884–1949), a British/Australian-administered territory in southeastern New Guinea, united in 1949 with Territory of New Guinea to the north
    • Territory of New Guinea (1919–1975), an Australian administered territory
    • Papua Region, one of the four current regions of Papua New Guinea, roughly coterminous with the former Territory of Papua
  • West Papua (region), the Indonesian western half of the island of New Guinea
    • Papua conflict, a separatist conflict in the region of West Papua
    • Papua (province), the larger, eastern province within the region of West Papua
    • West Papua (province), the smaller, western province within the region of West Papua
  • Gulf of Papua, a region on the south shore of New Guinea

Other places:

  • Papua Beach, Cumberland West Bay, South Georgia
  • Papua Island, off the north coast of Joinville Island, Antarctica

Other uses:

  • , a British frigate in service in the Royal Navy from 1944 to 1945

Usage examples of "papua".

These very same words have been applied to the Ostyaks, the Samoyedes, the Eskimos, the Dayaks, the Aleoutes, the Papuas, and so on, by the highest authorities.