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Papín is a village and municipality in Humenné District in the Prešov Region of north-east Slovakia.


Papin is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Christine Papin (1905–1937), French murderer
  • Denis Papin (1647 – c. 1712), French physicist, mathematician and inventor
  • Jean-Pierre Papin (born 1963), French former football player
  • Joseph Papin (1825–1862), lawyer and political figure in Canada East
  • Lea Papin (1911–1982), French murderer
  • Steve Papin (born 1972), America football player

It may also refer to:

  • Papin, Afghanistan

Usage examples of "papin".

Two people, above all, made it possible to build suitable machinery: Dennis Papin and Thomas Savery.

To avoid explosions, Papin added a safety valve, a feature replicated in the sixties domestic version, and an important invention because early involvement with steam engines was dangerous at the best of times.

The idea probably originated earlier, but Papin gets the credit for using it to control steam pressure.

February 1933, the Papin sisters, cook and housemaid, killed Mme and Mile Lancelin in the respectable provincial town of Le Mans, a half-dozen hours from Paris, it was not a murder but a revolution.

They were twelve good men and true, or quite incompetent to appreciate the Papin sisters.

Achille Papin of Paris had sung for a week at the Royal Opera of Stockholm, and had carried away his audience there as everywhere.

When in early days the sisters had gently condoled her upon her losses, they had been met with that majesty and stoicism of which Monsieur Papin had written.

They bore no resemblance to the Papin sisters, who, while cook and housemaid to a mother and daughter in Le Mans, murdered their employers in 1933.

He thinks that a crime will change him even more than it did the Papin sisters, whose prim rectitude and comforting family resemblances disappeared from their photos.

Hilbert, in any case, seems to represent what Sartre might have wished the Papin sisters to be.

When he crashed th door, the light proved to be a candle, set on a plate s as not to drip, for the Papins were well-trained servant The girls were in one bed in two blue kimonos.