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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pape \Pape\, n. [Cf. F. pape, fr. L. papa. See Pope.] A spiritual father; specifically, the pope. [Obs.]


n. painted bunting

Pape (TTC)

Pape is a subway station on the Bloor–Danforth line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The station opened in 1966 and is located in Toronto's Greektown neighbourhood at the northeast corner of Pape Avenue and Lipton Avenue, just north of Danforth Avenue.

The ticket collector's booth and turnstiles are at the surface in the main station building on the southwest corner of the site with a secondary exit-only structure to the east, adjacent to the parking lot. Bus bays are within the fare-paid zone. Stairs, escalators and elevators connect the ground level, concourse and train platforms. Automatic sliding doors, accessible fare gates and the addition of elevators, made the station became fully accessible in 2013.


Pape or PAPE may refer to:

  • Pape (given name)
  • Pape (surname)
  • Pape (TTC), a subway station in Toronto, Canada
  • Pape, Montenegro, a village in northern Montenegro
  • Le Pape, a political tract in verse by Victor Hugo
  • Pape Avenue Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario
  • Pape Rock, Antarctica
  • Pape Village, a commercial district in Toronto, Canada
  • Pope (French: ), head of the Roman Catholic Church
    • By extension, "Pape" is Scottish slang for a Catholic or a supporter of Celtic F.C.
  • Provider Authentication Policy Extension, an anti-phishing extension to OpenID

Papé may refer to:

  • Pascal Papé, French rugby player
  • Frank C. Papé, artist and book illustrator
Pape (given name)

Pape is a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Pape Badiane (born 1980), French basketball player
  • Pape Abdou Camara (born 1991), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Samba Ba (born 1982), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Cire Dia (born 1980), Senegalese football
  • Pape Diakhaté (born 1984), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Moussa Diakhatè (born 1989), Senegalese footballer
  • Papé Diakite (born 1992), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Maly Diamanka (born 1990), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Diop (born 1954), Senegalese politician
  • Pape Alioune Diop (died 2012), Senegalese football coach
  • Pape Bouba Diop (born 1978), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Malick Diop (born 1974), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Seydou Diop (born 1979), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Diouf (born 1951), Senegalese journalist and football manager
  • Pape Alioune Diouf (born 1989), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Mamadou Diouf (born 1982), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Paté Diouf (born 1986), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Niokhor Fall (born 1977), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Omar Faye (born 1987), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Maguette Kebe (born 1979), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Moussa Konaté (born 1993), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape M'Bow (born 1988), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Hamadou N'Diaye (born 1977), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Latyr N'Diaye (born 1977), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Paye (born 1990), French footballer
  • Pape Landing Sambou (born 1987), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Sané (born 1990), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Sarr (born 1977), French-Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Souaré (born 1990), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Sow (born 1981), Senegalese basketball player
  • Pape Habib Sow (born 1985), Senegalese footballer
  • Pape Sy (born 1988), French-Senegalese basketball player
  • Pape Thiaw (born 1981), Senegalese footballer
Pape (surname)

Pape is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Pape (1897–1955), English footballer
  • Alexander August Wilhelm von Pape (1813-1895), Prussian field marshal
  • Andy Pape (born 1962), English footballer
  • Arthur Pape (1890–1945), English cricketer
  • Bryan Pape, Australian academic
  • Burkhard Pape (born 1932), German footballer
  • Charles Pape, Belgian Olympic fencer
  • Chris Pape, American graffiti artist
  • Frank C. Papé (1878-1972), English artist and book illustrator
  • Jean-Henri Pape (1787–1875), French piano maker
  • George Pape (1903-1987), Australian lawyer and judge
  • Gérard Pape (born 1955), American composer
  • Gordon Pape (born 1936), Canadian author
  • Günther Pape (1907–1986), German general
  • Ken Pape (born 1951), American baseball player
  • Larry Pape (1885–1918), American baseball player
  • Lorne De Pape (born 1955), Canadian-born New Zealand curler
  • Lygia Pape (1927–2004), Brazilian artist
  • Madeleine Pape (born 1984), Australian runner
  • Maiken Pape (born 1978), Danish footballer
  • Oran Pape (1904–1936), American police officer
  • Pascal Papé (born 1980), French rugby union footballer
  • Paul Pape (born 1952), American actor and voice actor
  • Ralph Pape, American playwright
  • René Pape (born 1964), German operatic bass
  • Robert Pape (born 1960), American political scientist
  • Scott Pape, Australian radio personality
  • Tony Pape (born 1981), American football player
  • Wilhelm Pape (1807–1854), German classical philologist and lexicographer

Usage examples of "pape".

Holding the butt plate of his squad automatic weapon against his right hip, Pape trained his weapon on the first Ukrainian, who already had his foot in the door of the guard shack.

Though, like everyone else in the United States Army, Pape had to tolerate the day-to-day routine BS, the rush of a mass parachute drop or a day on the rappelling towers more than compensated for the occasional tour of guard duty or post police detail.

As his bullets began to splatter against the concrete around the aperture of the bunker, the German machine gunner brought his weapon to bear on Pape and returned fire, throwing clods of mud kicked up by near misses back into Pape's face.

Abracadabra, Manel Tekel Phares, Pape Satan Pape Satan Aleppe, le vierge le vivace et le bel au-jourd’hui.

The account would be all over the city by now— in the papes, on teevee.

Read the books on Romaghin culture, the History of the the Century, volumes six through twelve, and the daily papes for the past month.

Francis it turned out was a connoisseur, and happily he uncorked a number of dusty bottles, Chateauneuf du Pape, then a century-old sauternes from Chateau d'Yquem, and his specialty, red premier cru from Bordeaux called Pauillac, two each from Chateaux Latour and Lafitte, and a 2064 Chateau Mouton-Rothschild with a label by Pougnadoresse.