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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Paolo \Pa"o*lo\, n. [It. Cf. Paul.] An old Italian silver coin, worth about ten cents.


n. An old Italian silver coin.


Paolo may refer to:

  • A typical Italian given name, anglicized as Paul''
  • A papal silver coin, first struck during the 16th century under Pope Paul III and named after him

Usage examples of "paolo".

Maximilian, Duke of Bavaria, and Paoli attending to conduct him from the castle, he took an affectionate adieu of his mother and Laurette, and proceeded on his journey.

The appearance of Paoli did not prejudice his fair auditress much in his favour.

When I reached the ancient capital of the world, I possessed only seven paoli, and consequently I did not loiter about.

As we left the house I was compelled to accept one paolo as the price of the mock mass he had said.

The chaplain said to the chief of the plot, a man named Pietro Paolo, that if he and the others would sign a document to that effect, he himself would go to the imperial ambassador, and that the Empress would not only take possession of the island, but would reward them for what they had done.

A carrier who was going to Tolentino took me with him for two paoli, and for six more I might have reached Foligno in a waggon, but unfortunately a wish for economy made me refuse the offer.

The three Inquisitors, Francesco Grimani, Francesco Sagredo and Paolo Bembo, invited him to dinner to hear his story of his escape from The Leads.

The third day was entirely employed in examining the exterior of this truly wonderful sanctuary, and early the next day I resumed my journey, having spent nothing except three paoli for the barber.

Sylvia Foote, Paolo Recantati, Winston Shreve, Nan Rothschild, Skip Lockhart, and Thomas Grenier.

As I wanted to spend as little as possible, the peasant took me to an ill-looking fellow who, for two paoli paid in advance, consented to give me a lodging.

It is suspected that Andrea Pozzo di Borgo, president of the Council of State, under the short viceroyship of Elliot, influenced, for his own ends or from jealousy, the English in Corsica against Paoli.

Lo Manto sat on the stone steps leading to the vast church of San Paolo Maggiore, opening his fourth pack of chewing gum of the day, waiting for an informant who was fifteen minutes late.

Both of these works may still be seen in the house of Messer Giuliano and Messer Paolo Galli, courteous and worthy gentlemen, with whom Michael Angelo has always retained a real and cordial friendship.

The two men stood, and after wishing me well and giving me a cell phone number where he could be contacted at any time of the day, Monish left, Paolo trailing after him.

The scenery of this country, which perhaps is scarcely to be equalled, the mildness of the season, and the wild harmony of the birds that inhabited the branches of the pines, withdrew the attention of Madame de Rubine from the unpleasant conversation of Paoli, which was gloomy, morose, and artful.