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Pany may refer to:

  • a section of the village of Luzein in Switzerland
  • Irma Pany (born 1988), a Cameroonian singer-songwriter
  • Rudra Narayan Pany (born 1959), an Indi n politician of the Bharatiya Janata Party

Usage examples of "pany".

Major in corn mand of the rear division shouted to the last two corn panies.

Er fiel, und da floss das breite Panier zum leichten Grabmal ueber ihn her.

Preston, quoted in New- pany and the North-West Rebel man, Flame ofPower, p.

When a North American: pany helped the government:Joe Harris, quoted in David Josh Teemotee, in undated letter Kilgour letter to Lord Amory, to author.

Isin and Ursamin, Teymeryn, Carys, Panys, Sumas, and Osenan, a bright forest of banners.

Had Holt Fasner himself, the most dominant man in human space, fallen under the dominance of the director of the United Mining Com panies Police.

Doubt was something she set aside in the name of her service to Warden Dios, to Enforcement Division, to the United Mining Com panies Police, and to humankind.

When spring comes I intend to hit them hard, and I won't piddle away my striking force a squad here and a com- pany there until I have nothing left.

The banner-bearers thundered past him at a good clip, a moving bright curtain of the Marhanen Dragon and the Tower and Checker of the Regent of Elwynor preceding the colors of Llymaryn, Panys, Carys, Sumas, and Osanan, banners which flowed back to their regiments.