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n. (alternative form of pantalettes English)

Usage examples of "pantalets".

With a start, she realized his other hand had slipped under her gown, pushed up the leg of her pantalets and was stroking her bare thigh in long, tingling sweeps.

Ryder peeled her chemise and pantalets off, leaving a trail of kisses down her body.

There were also three pairs of serviceable cotton pantalets in the parcel, and Amanda realized then that he was trying to lift her spirits, to ease her feelings of humiliation.

I want is between your thighs, and the slit in your pantalets will get me there just fine.

Pulling a small knife from his coat pocket, he cut away her corset and silky pantalets, leaving only her gartered stockings.

She crossed to the dresser, pulled out delicate, silky pantalets and quickly put them on.

She was down to silky pantalets, wet and plastered to her skin, when Jackson came back into the room, carrying a fluffy drying towel.

Rising up to loop an arm around his neck, she lifted her skirts and pressed his manhood between her thighs, tracing the slit in the crotch of her pantalets until she had aligned their bodies.

Still, she made no move to protest as he pushed the legs of her pantalets up her thighs, past the garters and rolled the stockings down each shapely leg and tossed them aside.

Laura knotted the sash over her chemise and pantalets and climbed into bed.

His insolent fingers dropped to the drawstring that held her pantalets secure at her waist.

Al thrust a bundle of faded cloths and a pair of pantalets at Sparkle.

Ashley slowly undressed down to her camisole and pantalets, gratefully beginning to wash the grime from her face and arms.

She talked as she rummaged around and found her pantalets and camisole buried beneath her skirt.

She snatched up her pantalets and put them on, feeling I strangely restricted in the garment.