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n. (plural of pan English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pan)


PANS can refer to:

  • Panin Sekuritas (ticker symbol for IDX)
  • Parasympathetic Autonomic Nervous System
  • Procedures for Air Navigation Services ( ICAO)
  • Pediatric acute-onset neuropsychiatric syndrome
  • Positive and Negative Syndrome

Usage examples of "pans".

A dog barking somewhere, night insects, wind in the foliage, occasionally a guard muttering to another, pots and pans clattering from the early kitchen detail.

Turn into hot greased iron gem pans and bake half an hour in a rather quick oven.

Beat, add lightly the stiffly beaten whites of two eggs, fill hot buttered gem pans two-thirds full, and bake in a hot oven.

Beat well, put into two pans and let rise until light and bake one hour.

Do not knead this and allow it to rise over night, and in the morning stir it again, and then put it in well buttered bread pans: let it rise until it fills the pans and then bake in a moderate oven.

When very light stir down, put in pans, let rise light and bake in a slow oven.

Bake in little plain patty pans and cover the top of each with white icing.

Beat and pour into greased muffin pans until they are two-thirds full.

Now spread them around on deep platters or enameled pans and cover with panes of window glass.

His link with Pans feeding him the powerful sensations of his vice as a focus, Aaron slammed down a spiritual barrier around the demon.

Line muffin pans with a double layer of cupcake papers and coat the inside with nonstick cooking spray.

You can also bake this in 3 smaller loaf pans, filling them about half full.

Remove from oven, place pans on rack, and let them cool for 10 minutes.

For a truly gorgeous cake, divide the batter into two 8-inch round pans and bake it according to the package directions.

To frost, remove the cakes from the pans, use Cool Whip or whipped cream between the layers and to frost the sides and top.