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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Panne \Panne\, n. [F.] A fabric resembling velvet, but having the nap flat and less close.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1794, from French panne "soft material, plush" (15c.), earlier penne (13c.), of unknown origin; perhaps from Latin penna "feather" (see pen (n.1)).


n. 1 A lustrous finish applied to velvet and satin. 2 A fabric resembling velvet, but having the nap flat and less close. 3 (context ecology English) A wetland consisting of a small depression, with or without standing water, often in a salt marsh or other coastal wetland.

Usage examples of "panne".

Like why Panne had taken on someone as young and inexperienced as she.

All lies, but Lorenzo spent most of his time in whatever box Panne kept him in.

But if Panne spent too much time in hibernation, brain damage would begin to occur.

La Panne, where quarters have been reserved for you, I shall take you to Furnes.

A seaside resort in midwinter is always a peculiarly depressing place, and La Panne was no exception.

Though La Panne is within easy range of the German batteries, which could eliminate it with neatness and despatch, it has, singularly enough, never been bombarded, nor has it been subjected to any serious air raids.

But the exemption which La Panne has thus far enjoyed has not induced its inhabitants to omit any precautions.

La Panne, at least no one should, without having visited the great hospital founded by Dr.

On the wide beaches at La Panne to the east were dark masses like more smoke.

The chaps you organize you should transport to the beaches of La Panne, to the east, and sit them down quietly there until somebody can come and collect them.

The tide at La Panne had one of the longest reaches in Europe and by the time it was nearing its fullness the ingenious pier was thrust far out into navigable water.

She was curled up on a long low divan upholstered in a pale blue panne velvet.

She was currently wearing a malachite-colored bias-cut gown of panne velvet with a cloak of rare Falstaffi silver fur draped over her shoulders.

Abbie stared at the elegant woman before her, taking in her dark hair skimmed back to emphasize the perfect oval of her face, the sparkling earrings of teardrop emeralds surrounded by glittering dia monds, and the figure-hugging gown of forest-green panne velvet that bore the unmistakable mark of Givenchy.

Empress accompanied him, attired in the emerald panne, suitably altered to fit.