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n. (alternative form of paneer English)

Usage examples of "panir".

Few of the city servants had stayed with their mageborn masters when Fin Panir fell.

But on the long, muddy track back to Fin Panir from Anvil, he realized that he would have to tell Gird, and risk the consequences.

From experience, he knew the first few days back in Fin Panir would be a chaotic jumble of work.

But both are in Fin Panir, and you will live here, near me, for the first year.

Every Marshal in Fin Panir and all those visiting had gathered in the old palace.

By the time he returned to Fin Panir, he had two scrolls full of such tales.

They might have sent a copy, instead of a letter, surely it would have been easier to send the scrolls here, instead of dragging her to Fin Panir in the busiest time of the year.

Perhaps he should ask one of the elves or dwarves who would be in Fin Panir for the spring Evener: surely they would know where it was.

They saw her only when she came to Fin Panir, and often enough only from a distance.

She said it should be in Fin Panir, and each grange should have the right to nominate two candidates a year, but not all would become Marshals.

Instead, the granges in Fin Panir, all four of them, were sent out in the cold after-harvest autumn storms, to practice moving engagements in the hills southwest of the city.

She would be happy enough in Fin Panir or elsewhere, busy with a grange.

They both knew why they had needed to get out of Fin Panir, why they had needed to travel alone, but the years in the city made it hard to return to the easy communication of their childhood, when idea and response had flowed between them without barriers.

Of the timbre of the elves who had so delighted him in Fin Panir, but of opposite flavor, this magery mocked all he had admired.

Marshal-candidate, from Fin Panir, and I have no idea why the light came.