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Pango (stylized as Παν語) is a text layout engine library which works with the HarfBuzz shaping engine for displaying multi-language text. Full-function rendering of text and cross-platform support is achieved when Pango is used with platform APIs or third-party libraries, such as Uniscribe and FreeType, as text rendering backends. Pango-processed text will appear similar under different operating systems.

Pango is a special-purpose library for text and not a general-purpose graphics rendering library such as Cairo, with which Pango can be used. Indeed, the Cairo documentation recommends Pango be used to "render" text rather than Cairo for all but the simplest text "rendering".

The name pango comes from Greekpan (παν, "all") and Japanesego (語, " language").

Pango (disambiguation)

Pango in computing is a library for rendering internationalized texts.

Pango may also refer to:

  • Pango, an Israeli car parking payment company that created the Pango Mobile Parking App
  • PANGO, party-affiliated non-governmental organization
  • Pango, a clone of the 1982 Pengo video game
  • Pango Rhum, a brand of rum from Rhum Barbancourt