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n. (plural of pane English)

Usage examples of "panes".

The paper was divided into two panes, each containing a magnified view of a microscopic device.

The sun has the attenuated autumn quality of seeming to be behind several panes of glass.

She looked up at the fourth floor and noticed that one of the big panes in the skylight had been broken.

Outside, something or someone glided between moonlight and window, casting an enormous sweeping shadow that soared across the glass panes darkly.

As was usual with these old houses, the glass panes were in two hinged panels that swung inward.

He cleared the holographic panes of their script and graphs, giving the intelligence operative an expectant glance through the transparent glass.

Encrustations of dust streaked the big panes, built up over years as heat and moisture creeping out of the city structures loosened up the frozen ground.

Holographic panes on top of the bridge computer stations turned black, showing the steady gleam of stars relayed from external cameras.

The AS ran the ship, while humans made small decisions based on the minute fraction of tabulated information it provided them through holographic panes and DNIs.

A small console with two holographic panes was provided in case anything glitched the AS pilot and he needed manual control.

A weak drizzle smeared the wide panes behind his desk, blurring the crisp lines of the distant skyscrapers.

The curved console in front of him was surprisingly compact, with three holographic panes angling up out of it.

There were a couple of desktop panes in front of him, each with a holographic pane unfolded and running a test pattern.

Lounges that had full AS desktop pearls with large panes and sheet screens to play the thousands of hours of multimedia recordings stored in extensive libraries.

AS activated the panes, showing a range of schematics and camera images.