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n. 1 A type of hand-held frame drum with a round wooden frame and six pairs of metal discs fit along the sides, and an animal skin or nylon head; similar to a tambourine but with head tension that can be tuned and crisper, drier, and less sustained jingles, used in a number of Brazilian music forms. 2 A square double skinned frame drum, often with a bell inside, used in medieval Spanish/Moorish music.


The Pandeiro is a type of hand frame drum popular in Brazil, and which has been described as an unofficial instrument of that nation. The drumhead is tunable, and the rim holds metal jingles (platinelas), which are cupped creating a crisper, drier and less sustained tone on the pandeiro than on the tambourine. It is held in one hand, and struck on the head by the other hand to produce the sound. Typical pandeiro patterns are played by alternating the thumb, fingertips, heel, and palm of the hand. A Pandeiro can also be shaken to make sound, or one can run a finger along the head to produce a roll.

The Pandeiro is used in a number of Brazilian music forms, such as samba, choro, coco, and capoeira music. The Brazilian Pandeiro derives from the pandeireta or pandereta of Spain and Portugal.