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n. (plural of pam English)


PAMS (an acronym for Production, Advertising, Merchandising Service), based in Dallas, Texas, was one of the most famous jingle production companies in American broadcasting. It produced identification packages for radio stations around the world, as well as some commercial music.

PAMS (disambiguation)

PAMS is a U.S. jingle-production company.

Pams may also refer to:

  • Pams (company), a New Zealand company in the food industry
  • PAMs, Pneumatic artificial muscles
  • Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society, a journal
Pams (company)

Pams (previously Pam's) is a New Zealand company, owned by Foodstuffs, which also owns New World, Pak'n Save and Four Square. Pams sources and brands a wide range of supermarket goods as a house brand. Some combinis in Japan have started to stock products for example that one by the train station in Nabari has pams chicken chips.