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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Palus \Pa"lus\, n.; pl. Pali. [L., a stake.] (Zo["o]l.) One of several upright slender calcareous processes which surround the central part of the calicle of certain corals.


Etymology 1 n. (context marine biology English) A vertical pillar along the inner septum margin of a coral. Etymology 2

n. (context planetology English) A small plain (compared to mare) on the surface of a planet or satellite.


Usage examples of "palus".

Meanwhile, the king and queen had been stricken with a wasting illness from which diviners said they could only recover if Pali Kongju would aid them by fetching the medicinal water from the Western Sky.

But the god of the mountains found Pali Kongju and told her of her duty.

Nearly falling to hell from the cliffs above it, Pali Kongju struggled on until she found the ugly Guardian Armed Guard at the well of heaven.

During the kut, the danced ritual that is the heart of their religion, the mudang often don a stripe-sleeved multicolored robe and tell the tale of Pali Kongju as an incantation and an inspiration.

He was grateful when a storm flowed down Nuuanu valley, a gray mist, and washed the dust from him in a five-minute torrent before receding once again to wreath the Pali peaks.

A few steps from the belt, and above him, was the plastic lip of Pali No.

Five minutes later, he stepped off onto the sidewalk and walked into the cavernous entrance of Pali No.

At Pali House the members of the crew were making arrangements to go back to the mainland.

And that was when, as she said during her crying jag after the party at Pali House, everything ended.

And in the morning Jillian was driven from Pali House by guilt and revulsion.

Na Pali Coast, dear, which is the most beautiful stretch of shoreline you could ever imagine.

The Buddha generally used Pali because he wanted to be understood by the masses.

There were four childrena son, Wallace, twin daughters, Sandri and Pali, and the youngest, a daughter called Nandira.

And on the afternoon that Charmian and I climbed the two-thousand-foot pali and looked our last upon the Settlement, the superintendent, the doctors, and the mixture of nationalities and of diseased and nondiseased were all engaged in an exciting baseball game.

Landing on the leeward side of Molokai, he sneaked down the pali one night and took up his abode in the Settlement.