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Elizabeth’s Hos­pital in May of 1886, had at that time stated that he’d been born in New Paltz, the small town just west of the Hudson River and some sixty-five miles north of New York that had been the scene of the Dury murders.

Phrasing his sentences vaguely (and putting no signature to the message), Laszlo asked Theodore to contact first the office of the mayor of New Paltz, in an attempt to ascertain whether a family or person named Beecham had lived in that town at any point during the last twenty years, and second the authorities in Newton, Massachusetts, to see if one Adam Dury still resided there.

Theo­dore still hadn’t heard from New Paltz regarding our question about a man or family named Beecham, but he was pursuing the matter.

Arriving at mid-century, Dury had made his way to New Paltz, a town founded by Dutch Prot­estants in the eighteenth century that had later become home to scores of French Huguenot immigrants.

The group in New Paltz that had been financing his work had been on the verge of recalling him when the great Sioux uprising of 1862—one of the most savage Indian-white conflicts in history—broke out.

But Sara had gone on to ask for a general description of everyday life in New Paltz, and in so doing had stumbled on a rather electrifying fact: that New Paltz sits at the foot of the Shawangunk Mountains, a range well known for its large, forbidding rock formations.

I came by when I got back from New Paltz last night, and everything was—well, taken care of.

Throughout his years at school (and as Marcus had speculated, the New Paltz school had taught the Palmer system of handwriting at that time), as well as on those special occasions when he accompanied his parents into town, Japheth would often be set on by gangs of children who made a great game out of competing to see who could most accurately imitate the boy’s tic.

This last was no ordinary twitch, the now-grown citizens of New Paltz had assured Sara: it was a contraction so severe that Japheth’s eyes and mouth would be pulled around almost to the side of his head, as if he were in terrible pain and were about to break into vi­olent tears.

Apparently—and strangely—he never struck back when attacked by the children of New Paltz, and never turned a spiteful tongue on anyone who teased him.

Her in­terviews in New Paltz had supplied her with only a general description of Mrs.

Hours earlier, he had driven up to New Paltz with the name of a dead man, suspecting only that the murder victim was somehow connected to the group Skyler was involved with.

It was that New Paltz murder, but how it figures in all this, I still haven't worked out.

In fact, he made it all the way up to New Paltz, and he was probably there trying to track down his double, the judge.

He introduced the others: Technical Officer Paltz, Communications Liaison Alisan Bunayel, Audit Controller Feng.