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Palt is a traditional Swedish meat-filled dumpling, of which there are many different variants. Palt is more common in the northern part of Sweden. Palt is traditionally served with butter and lingonberry preserves, and a glass of cold milk on the side.

Usage examples of "palt".

A palt flew out of the tree line, and almost viciously he jammed the reins in the wood grip, raised his bow, and shot.

He raised his bow as a pair of palts flew across the road ahead, then lowered it as he lost the shot.

On one side, then the other, branches shivered loudly and dropped short sprays of water when the pelan and palts took off.

Just below the lookout, two blue-winged palts dove at a flock of red-shafted, shivering finches.

Twice, they turned and attacked the palts before diving back into the trees.

She was dragging with exhaustion by the second dawn, but she had come back with eight dnu on a long-line lead, a bag of washed tubers, a small pack of sour early berries, and a handful of limp, dead woodmice to scramble with eight fragile eggs from a pair of palts that had nested too high on the cliff.