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Palsangjeon (Hall of Eight Pictures) is a worship hall found on a Korean Buddhist temple complex that contains the "Palsang", the series of painted murals depicting the eight stages in the life of the historic Buddha, Sakyamuni.

Though configurations for the paintings can vary, the most common is:

  1. Descending from Tusita Heaven,
  2. Preparing for Birth,
  3. Birth,
  4. Leaving Home,
  5. Overcoming Mara, the Spirit of Evil,
  6. Achieving Enlightenment,
  7. Teaching the Dharma,
  8. Entering Nirvana.

Palsang can also be found painted on the external walls of a temple worship hall. These external renderings tend to be less ornate than those contained within the walls of a Palsangjeon.