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n. (plural of pal English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pal)


PALS may refer to:

  • Pouch Attachment Ladder System
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Periarteriolar lymphoid sheaths
  • Prague Asterix Laser System
  • Patient Advice and Liaison Service
  • Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
  • Precission Approach Lighting System
  • Public Access Legal Support

Usage examples of "pals".

Longarm agreed with his Indian pals that it might be more fun to roam with those other ghostly parts of your dead self in what some translated as the Happy Hunting Ground, although no Indian thought his ghost would have to hunt very hard, where it was never too hot, never too cold, you always felt as if you'd just eaten, and all you had to do was ride forever on a fast immortal pony.

If your pals had been watching closer, they could have told you I never even went up to her new quarters with her.

So say she and some other pals we never caught are planning for her to leave the prosecution one less witness?

The Santee branch of the far-flung folks who preferred to call themselves Nakota, Dakota, or Lakota as one moved east to west, could be swell pals or vicious enemies, as the spirits moved them.

So I was wondering if you'd like to type up a thumbnail sketch of that payroll robbery and a list of names we might be interested in whilst I run home to pack, send my regrets about that Sunday-Go to a couple of pals, and pick me up a fresh railroad timetable at the Union Depot?

She followed his drift, dilating and tightening her innards in time with his languid thrusts as they shared a smoke and conversed like pals over coffee and dessert.

Calvert Tyger and his pals had foresworn the Confederacy a good spell before Lee's surrender, and would have been free to head home the same as any other Union vets had they not deserted both armies in time of war.

The onionskins failed to say whether Calvert Tyger and his reb pals had lit out before or after Abe Lincoln told the army to take it easy and pardoned all but a tenth of the bunch the army had been fixing to hang.

Everyone knows Captain Bedford is as honest as the day is long, and your federal pals left content with his story.

Longarm asked if it had sounded as if they were pals of Wabasha Chambrun, enemies of Wabasha Chambrun, or just using him and his spread as a point of reference.

On the other hand, a newcomer of at least mixed blood would have enough on his plate without his pals gunning a federal deputy right on his own homestead claim.

Or should I say his Santee wife and her secret pals picked it for him?

It's an election year as well, and none of my white pals like those trashy Sioux to begin with.

You'd think that once he and his pals got away clear with all that money, they'd leave Colorado entire instead of trying to convince you their leader was still in the state, albeit burnt to a crisp.

As the older lawman introduced Longarm to their coroner and his pals, Longarm learned they'd already determined the cause of death had been internal bleeding, occasioned by a.