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n. (plural of palp English)

Usage examples of "palps".

The guard was crouched, holding up her fork and flail in trembling palps, whistling with terror.

Worker palps busily gnawed away the ruined clothing, laved off the foul outsider smells and cleaned the spilled life fluids from body and limbs.

Worker came to Her in ecstasy, opened its palps and offered taste and scent, receiving in tom.

She moved her hand with difficulty past the hindering limbs and palps of Workers, felt of her wounds, which were slick with jelly .

The auditory palps swept forward, Mother inclined Her great head and sought touch.

Warrior said to Raen, and nervously touched palps to her mouth as they walked, a curious backward dance in the act.

Auditory palps swept decisively forward, like a human relaxing to listen.

Raen stroked fits palps to soothe it, and softly it sang for her, warrior-song.

Mandibles suddenly worked with frenzied rapidity, and auditory palps swept back, deafening it, like a human stopping his ears.

Raen touched the offered head, stroked the sensitive palps, elicited a humming of pleasure from Warrior.

She laid her hand on one of Warrior's auditory palps, stroked it gently, gently.

Raen yelled, but Warrior was deaf to that, auditory palps laid back, a blur of motion.

It lowered its head, jaws wide, and the palps brushed his lips, his face.

With a twist of her palps on the crossbar of the hook, Nukurren flipped the slaver onto her side.

There was something bizarre about the shape of its palps, but she was too dazed to make sense of it.