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Palos may refer to:

  • Palos de la Frontera, a municipality in Spain
  • Cape Palos, cape on the Mediterranean coast of Spain
  • Palos Township, Cook County, Illinois
  • Palos Heights, Illinois
  • Paloş , a village in Cața Commune, Braşov County, Romania
  • Battle off Cape Palos, battle of the Second Barbary Ware
  • Battle of Cape Palos, battle of the Spanish Civil War
  • Two drums, the palos major and palos menor, used in the music of the Dominican Republic
  • Flamenco musical forms, see Palo (flamenco)
  • Palos (TV series), a 2008 Philippine TV series
  • Enrique Palos, Mexican football goalkeeper
  • James Stafford, R.J. Delker, Steve Speigner, Leigh Anne Millwood, Curtis Patterson, Kyle Williams, members of rock band "Palos"
Palos (TV series)

Palos (lit. Eel) is a Philippine primetime action and drama television series of ABS-CBN. The series debuted on January 28, 2008 to April 25, 2008, as part of the network's Primetime Bida line-up.

The series is loosely based on the classic Filipino comics and film character of the same name Palos, which means Eel in Tagalog. In the original comics, Palos was a professional thief who possessed acrobatic skills, and who was adept in the fighting arts.

Usage examples of "palos".

Marghe watched Aoife and tried to follow her lead, using her palo to nudge an old or thin or limping taar away from its more healthy siblings, Once she almost got trampled by two taars running blindly from the swinging palos and had to scramble on all fours across the dung-spattered snow.

After so many years of struggle, his three caravels had finally set sail from Palos, only to run into trouble almost at once.

It took only a week to have all three ships in better shape than they had been in upon leaving Palos, and this time there were no unfortunate failures of vital equipment.

From time to time, as he rode toward Palos, Cristoforo pressed his hand to his chest, to feel the stiff parchment tucked into his coat.

The rivalry between the men of Palos and the sailors of the Portuguese coast was intensely felt, all the more so because the Portuguese were so clearly the better, farther-reaching sailors.

And to throw in Pinz¢n's face his days of piracy -- well, that was a crime that all of Palos was guilty of, during the hardest days of the war against the Moors, when normal trade was impossible.

Pinz¢n had them building a ship, but these weren't the shipbuilders of Palos here, these were common sailors.

Juan de la Cosa, because he was a Basque, not a man of Palos, and therefore couldn't be trusted.

They used their palos to clear away patches of the hard-packed snow and the tribeswoman showed Marghe a world she had never dreamed existed.

It was hard work, and confusing: women slapping at rumps with palos, twirling nooses, cutting out taars from the rest seemingly at random and herding them to one end of the pen.

Two professional divers, Wayne Baldwin and Bob Meistrell, had been exploring a reef off the Palos Verdes peninsula when they saw at least twenty stones lying 16 ft (5 m) down amidst the seaweed.

On Friday, the 3rd of August, he left Palos with three little ships and a crew of 88 men, many of whom were criminals who had been offered indemnity of punishment if they joined the expedition.

On the fifteenth of March, 1493, the admiral reached Palos and together with his Indians (for he was convinced that he had discovered some outlying islands of the Indies and called the natives red Indians) he hastened to Barcelona to tell his faithful patrons that he had been successful and that the road to the gold and the silver of Cathay and Zipangu was at the disposal of their most Catholic Majesties.

Lanzando una mirada a la carne de los palos, el aspecto de los mismos me hizo estremecer.

Western ran all the way down to the Palos Verdes peninsula, where there were plenty of wide open spaces without any houses close by.