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Palookaville may refer to:

  • Palookaville (film), a 1995 comedy film
  • Palookaville (album), a 2004 electronic album by Fatboy Slim
  • Palookaville (comics), an alternative comic book
Palookaville (film)

Palookaville is a 1995 motion picture about a trio of burglars and their dysfunctional family of origin. Prominent actors featured in the film include William Forsythe, Lisa Gay Hamilton, Vincent Gallo, Adam Trese and Frances McDormand. The film was directed by Alan Taylor.

Palookaville (comics)

Palookaville (also frequently appears as both Palooka-Ville and Palooka-ville) is a comic book written and drawn by cartoonist Gregory Gallant, better known as Seth, and published by Drawn & Quarterly. The first issue appeared in April 1991 and it has been irregularly published ever since. The comics are generally portrayals filled with lost, lonely characters searching for meaning, often reaching back into the past.

The series and its creator have won multiple industry awards, including the 1997 Ignatz Award for Outstanding Artist and for Outstanding Graphic Novel or Collection (for the It's a Good Life, If You Don't Weaken collection).

The first 19 issues were published in traditional comic book (pamphlet) format approximately annually (from 1991 to 2008), while the 20th issue (2010) was published in much-expanded book (hardcover) format, and is now planned to continue in this format annually or semiannually (21st issue scheduled for 2012), owing to changes in the American comic book market, specifically the decline in sales of single-issue comic books during the decade 2000–2010.

Palookaville (album)

Palookaville is the fourth studio album by English big beat musician Fatboy Slim, released on 4 October 2004, approximately four years after the previous one. Football club Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. temporarily named their Withdean Stadium after the name of that album following their sponsorship deal with Skint Records. The album was nominated for the 2006 Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album.