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Palma or La Palma means palm in a number of languages and may also refer to:

Palma (name)

Palma is both a surname and a given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Palma Vecchio (c. 1480–1528), Italian painter
  • Palma il Giovane (1548/50–1628), Italian painter
  • Adalberto Palma (born 1981), Mexican football player
  • Adiel Palma (born 1970), Cuban baseball player
  • Alejandra Palma (born 1960), Argentine field hockey player
  • Andrea Palma (1644/64–1730), Italian architect
  • Andrea Palma (actress) (1903–1987), Mexican actress
  • Angélica Palma (1878–1935), Peruvian writer
  • Annabel Palma, American politician
  • Armando Contreras Palma (born 1947), Salvadoran football manager
  • Arturo Alessandri Palma (1868–1950), Chilean political figure
  • Brian De Palma (born 1940), American film director and writer
  • Carlo Di Palma (1925–2004), Italian cinematographer
  • Cecilia Muñoz-Palma (1913–2006), Filipino jurist
  • Clemente Palma (1872–1946), Peruvian writer and critic
  • Donald Palma, American double bassist, conductor and instructor
  • Emilio Palma (born 1978), Argentine national born in Antarctica
  • Enrique Tortosa Palma (born 1991), Spanish footballer
  • Esteban de Palma (born 1967), Argentinian volleyball player
  • Ever Palma (born 1992), Mexican racewalker
  • Félix J. Palma, Spanish author
  • Gustavo Adolfo Palma (1920–2009), Guatemalan singer and actor
  • Isaac Palma (born 1990), Mexican racewalker
  • Joe Palma (1905–1994), American actor
  • Jorge Palma (born 1950), Portuguese singer and songwriter
  • José Palma (1876–1903), Filipino poet and soldier
  • José Ignacio Palma (1910–1988), Chilean engineer and politician
  • José Joaquín Palma (1844–1911), Cuban revolutionary and poet
  • José Luis Di Palma (born 1966), Argentine racing driver
  • Jose S. Palma (born 1950), Filipino archbishop
  • Joseph-François Charpentier de Cossigny de Palma (1736–1809), French engineer and explorer
  • Jula de Palma (born 1932), Italian singer
  • Laura Palma, Mexican actress and model
  • Leticia Palma (1926–2009), Mexican actress
  • Luis González Palma (born 1957), Guatemalan photographer
  • Manuel Solís Palma (1917–2009), Panamanian politician
  • Marcelo Palma (born 1966), Brazilian racewalker
  • Mário Palma (born 1950), Portuguese basketball coach
  • Mario Alberto Molina Palma (born 1948), Panama-born archbishop of Guatemala
  • Master of San Martino alla Palma (fl. 14th century), Florentine painter
  • Michael Palma (born 1945), American poet and translator
  • Milagros Palma (born 1973), Cuban fencer
  • Francesco Nitto Palma (born 1950), Italian politician
  • Odelmys Palma (born 1971), Cuban javelin thrower
  • Omar Palma (born 1958), Argentine football player
  • Patricio Di Palma (born 1971), Argentine racing driver
  • Paulo da Palma (born 1965), German-born Portuguese football player
  • Piero de Palma (born 1916), Italian singer
  • Precioso Palma, Filipino novelist and playwright
  • Rafael Palma (1874–1939), Filipino politician, writer, educator and mason
  • Raffaele Palma (born 1953), Italian satirical artist and humorist
  • Raúl Palma (born 1950), Mexican basketball player
  • Ricardo Palma (1833–1919), Peruvian author, scholar, librarian and politician
  • Rossy de Palma (born 1964), Spanish actress and model
  • Ruben Palma (born 1954), Chilean-born Danish writer
  • Rubén Luis di Palma (1944–2000), Argentine racing driver
  • Samuel De Palma (1918–2002), American diplomat
  • Silvestro Palma (1754–1834), Italian composer
  • Sylvester Romero Palma, bishop of Belize
  • Tina Monzon-Palma (born 1951), Filipino news anchor
  • Tomás Estrada Palma (1832–1908), Cuban political figure

Usage examples of "palma".

For a moment I was tempted to abandon this idiotic job and rush down to the offices of the Balearic lines and book a passage to Palma or Ibiza.

Their guide, heartened by the good audience response, points out more funny trees - the dynamite tree, Hura crepitans, whose fruit explodes when it is ripe, and the very rare Cecropia of South America, the sloth tree, indeed the only mature Cecropia palmata in the United States, whose leaves have the texture of chamois skin and never disintegrate.

They checked at midevening twenty-five miles short of Valenda at the village of Palma.

It was something rarer than perfect beauty, yet even more difficult to describe,--a serene, unconscious grace, a pure, lofty maturity of womanhood, such as our souls bow down to in the Santa Barbara of Palma Vecchio.

In May, 1846, the American forces under General Taylor, which had been dispatched to protect Texas from threatened assault, were attacked by the Mexican army, which at Palo Alto was badly defeated and at Resaca de la Palma driven back across the Rio Grande.

General Zachary Taylor, with a force much inferior to that of the enemy, defeated the Mexicans at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma, and drove them out of Texas.

Following an attack on Fort Texas, Taylor pursues the Mexicans and at the Battle of Resaca de la Palma on May 9 defeats a much larger force in the first concentrated action of the war with Mexico.

On the 14th another interview took place, during which General Toral agreed to surrender, upon the basis of his army, the 4th Army Corps, being returned to Spain, the capitulation embracing all of Eastern Cuba, east of a line passing from Aserraderos, on the south, to Sagua de Tanamo, on the north, via Palma, Soriano.

Shortly thereafter, in Lower Moesia, at a time when the capitulation of the Sarmatian princes allowed me to think of an early return to Italy, an exchange of dispatches in code with my former guardian warned me that Quietus had come back abruptly to Rome and had just conferred there with Palma.

Unlike his peers and pals, Spielberg, Lucas, Coppola and Scorsese (they all teamed up at Warner Brothers in the early Seventies), De Palma doesn't shoot miles of footage and then redesign the movie in the editing room.

A paralegal named Hector Palma handled the dirty work, the site visits, and the actual eviction, and he's become my deep throat.

With studied gracelessness he shuffled around his four-room office — televisions, hi-fis, a pinball machine, De Palma film posters, curved white tables, orderly work-surfaces.

Galoppando avanti e indietro sul prato, saltando, azzan­nando l'aria, mancando ripetutamente la sua colorata preda, entrò quasi in collisione con il tronco di una grossa palma, poi evitò per poco di farsi stendere da un incontro a capofitto con la vasca in cemento per gli uccelli e infine piombò goffamente in un'aiuola di fiori, dalla quale la farfalla prese tranquillamente la fuga.

De Palma Senior was a surgeon - orthopaedics, the correction of deformity.

Some splendid presents were placed in their charge for the king - gold and silver vases, a purple robe, a tunica palmata together with an ivory sceptre, also a toga praetexta together with a curule chair.