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Pälli is a village in Lääne-Nigula Parish, Lääne County, in western Estonia.

Category:Villages in Lääne County

Usage examples of "palli".

Twice Palli tried to toss the conversational ball to him, to take a turn at the entertaining, and twice he fielded it back to Palli or to dy Ferrej.

After the second attempt fell flat, Palli desisted from trying to draw him out.

The meal ran very late, but at last came the hour Cazaril had been both longing for and dreading, when all parted for the night, and Palli knocked on his chamber door.

The light was too dim to tell if Palli reddened, but it finally dawned on Cazaril that he was trying to inquire in this worried and tongue-tumbled fashion if Cazaril had been raped.

They strolled out casually together into the next chamber, and Cazaril led Palli to a window embrasure that overlooked a moonlit courtyard.

Nevertheless, Cazaril found his mind, unwilled, revolving plans for pleasures with Palli that somehow did not include his ladies.

But to his disappointment, Palli did not appear at court that eveningnor did the provincar of Yarrin.

My friend Palli, the March dy Palliar, knows the true story of how I was betrayed after Gotorget.

Damn Palli, for not only putting this into her head, but teaching her how to block his escape.

They bore a faint family resemblance to Palli in the strong lines of jaw and the bright brown eyes.

The two brothers fell in behind as Cazaril and Palli walked out the gates and down into Cardegoss.

Cazaril was glad to know Palli did not go about the streets of Cardegoss unattended even in this bright gray winter noon.

Cazaril started toward the main hall, but Palli drew him down another corridor and up a staircase.

He was shrewd and clearly well primed by Palli, for he had the whole tale of the aftermath of Gotorget out of Cazaril in a very few minutes.

Ferda dy Gura shielded his eyes and stared where Palli pointed at the distant whirl of dark shapes, like black leaves in a cyclone, dipping and swooping.