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His father, the duke, has always been wary of Palle, and Lord Jaimas is no fool.

I had just begun with Sir Roderick Palle, who had taken me aside for a word.

If Palle wanted to let Kent know that he was aware of his activities, why have him knighted?

Kent immediately recognized Sir Roderick Palle, two Gentlemen of the Bedchamber, an Official of Ceremony, a Chancellor, and several senior Ministers of the government.

But Palle was not about to give him the opportunity, it seemed, and the painter decided it was time to stop being so childish, and continued on his rounds through the crowded rooms.

Was this the work of Palle, trying to be sure that Dandish left no information, no trace of his efforts?

The thought of letting Littel fall back into the hands of Palle and his company was propelling him along at new found speed.

Roderick Palle sees my flight as betrayal, and men of his type do not accept disloyalty easily.

Never mind that Roderick Palle had given them over a decade of security and good government.

If the duke accuses Palle of this murder, well, the time is not right for such a thing.

It was as though Palle had just murdered the child they could never have.

It is possible that Palle thought they were Jaimas and a young man named Littel, though our son and his friend are safe.

If what she said was true, Palle did not realize what an enemy he had made.

Especially if they thought Palle and his followers were close to doing so.

I suspect it is from the same source as the text I assume Palle possesses.