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Palk may refer to:

  • Palk (surname)
  • Palk, Iran, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Palk Baronets
Palk (surname)

Palk is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Anna Palk
  • Lawrence Palk, 1st Baron Haldon
  • Robert Palk
  • Stan Palk

Usage examples of "palk".

This time Jane thought she could see faces in the crowd that were like the faces of Trewissick that she knew: Penhallows, Palks, Hoovers, Tregarrens, Thomases, all anxious, all perplexed, casting fearful glances both to land and sea.

Mrs Palk, watching from the doorstep, saw his big battered car appear on the road and roar off, leaving a great black smear of smoke hanging in the air as it disappeared out of the village.