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Palín may refer to:

  • Palín, Escuintla, municipality in the Escuintla Department of Guatemala
  • Palín, Michalovce District, village in the Michalovce District of Slovakia

The surname Palin is a name of British origin, either English or Welsh. Possible derivations include an anglicization of the Welsh patronymicap Heilyn ("son of Heilyn") or a reference to the English placenames Poling, West Sussex or Sea Palling, Norfolk. Independently of this, Palin also is a Swedish language surname that occurs in Sweden and Finland.

People with this name include:

  • Brett Palin (born 1984), Canadian hockey player
  • Christian Palin (born 1978), Uruguayan singer
  • Harold Palin, British rugby league footballer
  • John Henry Palin (1870–1934), British activist & politician
  • Leigh Palin (born 1965), English footballer
  • Leo Palin (born 1956), Finnish tennis player
  • Michael Palin (born 1943), British actor, comedian (member of Monty Python) and writer
  • Robert Palin (1835–1861), Australian criminal
  • Sarah Palin (born 1964), former governor of Alaska and 2008 U.S. Republican vice-presidential nominee
    • Todd Palin (born 1964), American snowmobile racer and husband of Sarah Palin
    • Bristol Palin (born 1990), daughter of Todd and Sarah Palin
  • Tom Palin (born 1974), English painter and educator