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n. (context informal English) paleodiet

Paleo (Buffy novel)

Paleo is a novel based on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Usage examples of "paleo".

Maybe one could be fetched from Paleo, the first alternate-Earth, and the pair would start a dynasty here in some desert oasis, and she could watch the community prosper.

Three of the TA series had been sent to salvage the alternate-Earth Paleo for human civilization.

But after the disaster on the dinosaur world, Paleo, the agents were taking few chances.

Though Paleo was the only alternate to be reached so far from Earth, despite thousands of trials, one trial on Paleo had produced this unexpected and awkward payoff.

He and Aquilon had argued against making any report on the alternate world of Paleo, to protect it from the savage exploitation of man.

You wanted to make a report on Paleo that would surely lay it open to exploitation and destruction-"

She knew the memory of the destruction of the Cretaceous enclave of Paleo still tormented him, and she had been one of the agents responsible.

We were conveyed to this framework of frames by pattern-entities, and we have virtually no chance to locate our original worlds-Desert, Paleo, or Earth-without the intercession of these entities.

Perhaps Veg would return-but once Cal made his report to Earth, which would set in motion Earth's exploitation of Paleo and the probable extinction of dinosaurs and Orn-birds alike, their friendship would never be the same.

What had happened to the Orn-birds of her Paleo that she should be left with the egg?

When you crossed from Paleo to Desert, you jumped forward more than a year in time.

She, like Veg, seemed to have become inured to a certain extent to personal danger-and Paleo so far, was as safe as Nacre had been.

Veg himself was able to accept something like a dinosaur on Paleo, but the concept evidently came harder to Cal.

They had worked together long enough on Nacre, and now on Paleo, to know almost intuitively when life depended on instant cooperation.

Perhaps it was because she thought of Paleo as a world in its own right.