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Palen or Palén may refer to:


  • Anna von Palen (1875–1939), German actress
  • Cole Palen (1925–1993), American flier & collector
  • Fyodor Palen (1780–1863), Russian diplomat and administrator
  • Paul Palén (1881–1944), Swedish shooter
  • Rufus Palen (1807–1844), American politician
  • Tim Palen, American motion picture marketing executive and award-winning photographer

See also:

  • Palen Mountains, northern Colorado Desert, California, USA
  • Palen Creek Correctional Centre, about 100 km south west of Brisbane
  • Frank A. Palen House, historic home located at Kingston in Ulster County, New York
  • Frederic Palen Schoonmaker (1870–1945), United States federal judge
  • Palin
  • Pahlen

Usage examples of "palen".

Elmer Palen peered down over the edge of the roof where he seemed to be replacing some shingles.