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Palakasandha is a village in Khetriyabarapur panchayat of Belaguntha Block in Ganjam district, Orissa. The population of the village is one thousand. Most of the people in this village depend on agriculture. Sri. Antaryami Behara is the Sarpanch of the village. Nilakanthaswar is the noted temple of this village.

Streets of the Village:

Bada Sahi 
Mali Sahi
Adua Sahi 
Jakara Sahi 
Khadal Sahi

Ponds in the Village

Aketa Bandha
Majhi Aketa Bandha
Bada Agula
Agula Bandha
Daula Bandha 
Nelia Bandha

Community Halls:

There are two community halls in the village. One is called “Mali Sahi Akeda Ghar” and another is called "Bada Sahi Akheda Ghar."

The Raja Nata(The King's Opera)

Palakadandha is famous for its Raja Nata. This is the opera that is rehelseled by village people. They perform this opera in the village on special occasions. Sometimes, on request they perform it at other villages around it. Demand of this unique styled opera has been lost and going to vanish from the community hall.