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n. In Indian cooking, spinach or similar greens (including ''Amaranthus'' species and ''Chenopodium album'').


Palak is one of the 51 union councils of Abbottabad District in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan.

Palak (disambiguation)

Palak may refer to:

  • Palak, one of the 51 Union Councils of Abbottabad District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan
  • Palak, Iran (disambiguation), places in Iran
  • Palak dïl, a lake in Mizoram
  • Palak Muchhal, a singer from Indore city in Madhya Pradesh state of India
  • Palak, the Hindi and Urdu word for cooked greens mainly:
    • spinach
    • Amaranthus retroflexus
    • Amaranthus viridis
    • Chenopodium album