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n. A part of an insect's leg that is spade-shaped and can be used as a scoop for feeding.


Pala may refer to:

Pala (album)

Pala is the second album from British alternative dance band Friendly Fires. It was released in the UK on 16 May 2011, and charted at number 6 on the UK Albums Chart. The album name comes from Aldous Huxley's final novel Island, which tells the story of a journalist shipwrecked on the fictional island of Pala, which supports a utopian society. The parrot photograph was chosen from the private collection of Norwegian fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø.

Pala (surname)

The surname Pala may refer to:

  • Pala dynasty (disambiguation)
  • Ano Pala, Papua New Guinean politician
  • Doğukan Pala, Turkish footballer
  • František Pála, Czech tennis player
  • Hubert Pala, Polish footballer
  • İskender Pala, Turkish professor and writer
  • Kila Pala (born 1986),Papua New Guinean cricketer
  • Libor Pala, Czech football coach
  • Mathias Pala (born 1989), French rugby league player
  • Ondřej Pála, Czech professional boxer
  • Petr Pála, Czech tennis player
  • Vincent Pala, Indian politician
Pala (Anatolia)

Pala ( cuneiform pa-la-a) was a Bronze Age country in Northern Anatolia. Nothing more is known about Pala than its native language, which is the Palaic language (palaumnili), and its native religion. The only person known who is of Palaic origin is a ritual priestress Anna.

Usage examples of "pala".

A year of freedom just for helping Joe Aldehyde to get his hands on Pala.

A thick carpeting of palas trees gave the north bank a rich red texture, like the intricate, dense weave of the deep-pile Gandahari dhurries his mother loved to collect.

Pala and the possibility of an encounter with the Guards would have exposed the Jewels Stilenta and Disa bore.

Pala perceived that he saw the situation just as clearly as Bicansa did, but while she was grandstanding, Sool was absorbing the pain, seeking to find a way to save his way of life.

It included Rendang, the Nicobar Islands, about thirty percent of Sumatra and the whole of Pala.

Rachel is the queen of diamonds, Palas is the queen of spades, Judith is the queen of hearts, and Argine is the queen of clubs.

Butler returned Cooper's salute, and walked slowly into the Pera Palas, tucking his hat under one arm, and passing through paneled hallways to the bar.

The Turkish women who came to the Para Palas or the other European buildings north of the Golden Horn often dressed as Europeans.

Commander Palas, could you head the team that will plan the capture of a Bloodhorde ship, assuming we can get one into T-4.

I coodin work out whot part ov its 2 do wif thi palas & whot part is 2 do wif thi kaotic reejins, but thers sumfin goan on, & thers a wotch bein kept 4 sumbody or sumfin unusual in thare & out here 2, + sumthin reely disgustin from thi hoomin relm has axsess 2 thi bird part ov thi kript & has sikured thi copperashin ov @ least sum ov thi birdz.