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You had the best gate I ever see, an my 1st wife stepped of jis so, an she pade her way I tell you.

I let Pook graze, but this time I did not dismount, knowing he would bolt.

I let Pook have his head, and we proceeded more or less straight ahead.

But at the moment, all I knew was that Pook and I were in more trouble.

I drank and ate and foraged for suitable replacement clothing from shoe-trees--my boots were sloshingly soaked, so I needed temporary footwear while they dried--trouser-trees, and shirt-trees, to replace what I had lost, while Pook grazed.

If they found Pook alone, they would run him down and tame him for their own use, making him a work horse.

Since I was hanging onto Pook, and Pook was charging forward, that thrust packed a lot of wallop.

That was good for Pook, for it meant he had found cover and hidden from the monster.

Naturally Pook was gone--but to my surprise, he returned when he heard me stirring.

He did not appear to be completely pleased about the delivery, or maybe he had simply decided that Pook and I would make an excellent repast.

I saw it coming and had Pook dodge behind a great rock maple tree for shelter.

I guided Pook around it--only to discover that it interlocked with the extended low branch of another tree.

So I guided Pook around the other way, to circle the first tree--and there was another branch tying into another tree.

They were too low for Pook to pass under, yet too fluffed out with brush for him to leap over.

Holding the sword ready and glaring about me like an ogre, I guided Pook forward.