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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Pais \Pa`is\ (p[.a]`[-e]"), n. [OF. pu["i]s, F. pays, country.] (O. E. Law) The country; the people of the neighborhood.

Note: A trial per pais is a trial by the country, that is, by a jury; and matter in pais is matter triable by the country, or jury.


n. (context obsolete legal English) The (people of the) country.


Pais or PAIS may refer to:

  • Pais, a Chilean red wine grape
  • Pais (moth), a genus of moth
  • PAIS International, an academic journal database
  • Pais Project, a global Christian organization
  • Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome, an intersex condition
  • Payız, an Azerbaijan village
  • Payot, a hairstyle worn by some Orthodox Jewish males
Pais (moth)

Pais is a genus of moths of the Noctuidae family.

Usage examples of "pais".

Blue-eyed and foxy-looking behind the dense brown growth of his beard and pais, Pincus in his dark, outdated suits presided over the courtroom in a style bordering on tyrannical.