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n. (plural of pair English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: pair)

Usage examples of "pairs".

Morton flashed a reassuring grin up to Mellanie, captured by fifty professional pairs of inserts.

Their quarters were the more spacious ones reserved for Leska pairs and boasted a small lounge and two bedrooms.

Having two pairs would make recruitment a more viable option than just having the one.

After all, it was really only here or at the guild that the new Leska pairs had their visions, and until Carrie, always the same one.

Telepaths were vital at every level of society, ensuring the honesty of people in business and civil life, and Leska pairs could communicate instantly with other Telepaths over great distances.

Sooner or later, one of the pairs, or perhaps both, would stumble upon the dactyl or some of its deadly minions.

Earth in prehistoric times, captured a dozen pairs of humans, and rocketed them back to Mars for breeding purposes, using the offspring as slave labor.

They were made by an ancient civilization that borrowed a few pairs of our ancestors from earth.

He put his fingertips together again and began tapping them by pairs as before.

Several pairs of eyes glanced up at Eric, but looked quickly back to the center of amusement: the sandy-haired girl.

The eagles took off in pairs, wheels folding gracefully, almost daintily, as they roared aloft and circled for assembly in the sky.

Leska pairs get an extra five days, fifteen in all, so as to get to know their partner better.

As she watched, several pairs of ears were suddenly laid flat and remained so for a good few minutes.

Whatever the original nature of Vartra, the fact that He appeared to new Leska pairs at Valsgarth Telepath Guild, and that by following the temple rituals he could achieve a oneness with the God, made Him divine in his eyes.

The guild has naturally assumed responsibility for the mixed pairs and made their plans accordingly.