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n. (plural of paint English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: paint)

Usage examples of "paints".

Of the rest of Sario there was no sign, no paints, no brushes, no paraphernalia of his life and work.

Grijalva paper, canvas, and materials such as paints, where would your folk be?

Devotion caused him to bring Guilbarro his paints, a canvas, a mirror.

A Limner paints the foul as well as the fair, so learn how to flatterespecially women.

The paints with his blood in them must be locked away for the far future, when he would need them to paint himself out of Rafeyo and into another strong young man.

Then her skill with pencil, with paints, would have been a cause for celebration instead of an impediment toward liaisons with men.

He still had beautiful hands, dark with age and the legacy of harsh paints, but strong.

Her pencils, chalk, paints and paper, even two prepared panels of wood, were arrayed in a locked chest together with some of the Grijalva jewels: all the items she and her mother deemed most preciousthough they did not agree on which was which.

He paints his subjects so beautifully that you feel as if you know their inner hearts.

To his white paints he added the dust of bones and the powder gleaned from dried skin, to his yellows the gleam of golden hair.

Now only the art, only the painting, the exaltation of a spell, the knowledge of what was to follow as he prepared his body, his paints, the very air of the room laden with incense .

There was a chair and table, two easels, paints, a locked chest, and a number of canvasses stacked along the walls.

Your Holinesses, you will see that the paints of this one are old and cracked and faded in color, yet it is perfect in execution, as befits a portrait done by one of the Old Masters.

Forever young, except for the fine cracks beginning to show on her skin and the odd yellowish tone she was acquiring, the result, his Zia Eleyna had once told him, of Sario Grijalva using inferior paints to create her.

I left them in a hotel room a sharp six-year-old could crack and came along to watch you smear oil paints on yourself.