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Paine may refer to:

  • Paine (surname)
  • Cordillera del Paine, a mountain group in Chilean Patagonia
  • Paine Field, an airport in Everett, Washington
  • Paine, Chile
  • Paine Lake, a lake in Minnesota
  • Paine River, a waterstream located in the Magallanes Region of Chile
  • Torres del Paine, a mountain group in Chilean Patagonia
  • Paine (Final Fantasy), a fictional female character in the video game Final Fantasy X-2
  • John Knowles Paine, an American-born composer
  • Thomas Paine, (1737-1809) activist-philosopher
Paine (surname)

Paine is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Albert Paine (1861-1937), American author and biographer
  • Allie Paine (1919–2008), American college basketball player
  • Augustus G. Paine, Sr. (1839–1915), American financier
  • Augustus G. Paine, Jr. (1866–1947), American paper manufacturer and bank official
  • Charles Jackson Paine (1833–1916), American Civil War general and America's Cup yachtsman
  • Eleazer A. Paine (1815–1882), American Civil War general
  • Elijah Paine (1757–1842), U.S. Senator from Vermont
  • Ephraim Paine (1730–1785), Continental Congressman from New York
  • Godfrey Paine (1871–1932), Royal Navy and Royal Air Force officer
  • George Paine (disambiguation), several people
  • Halbert E. Paine (1826–1905), American Civil War general
  • Harriet Evans Paine (1822-1917), Texas storyteller and oral historian
  • James Paine (disambiguation), multiple people
  • John Paine (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Lyman Paine (1901–1978), American architect
  • Mary Wheaton Paine (born 1936), American actress
  • Robert Treat Paine (1731–1814), signer of the U.S. Declaration of Independence or any of several Americans by this name
  • Roxy Paine (born 1966), American artist
  • Ruth Paine (born 1932), American woman who inadvertently played a role in the Kennedy Assassination
  • Sumner Paine (1868–1904), American Olympic marksman
  • Terry Paine (born 1939), English footballer
  • Thomas Paine (disambiguation), several people
    • Thomas Paine (1739–1809), U.S. Founding Father and author of Common Sense, Rights of Man and The Age of Reason
  • Thomas O. Paine (1921–1992), NASA administrator
  • Tim Paine (born 1984), Australian cricketer
  • William Paine (disambiguation), several people

Usage examples of "paine".

And euermore the shepheard Coridon,What euer thing he did her to aggrate,Did striue to match with strong contention,And all his paines did closely emulate.

Lordings, I could have told you (quoth this Frere), Had I had leisure for this Sompnour here, After the text of Christ, and Paul, and John, And of our other doctors many a one, Such paines, that your heartes might agrise,* *be horrified Albeit so, that no tongue may devise,* -- *relate Though that I might a thousand winters tell, -- The pains of thilke* cursed house of hell *that But for to keep us from that cursed place Wake we, and pray we Jesus, of his grace, So keep us from the tempter, Satanas.

And in the way he with Sir Guyon met,Accompanyde with Phædria the faire,Eftsoones he gan to rage, and inly fret,Crying, Let be that Ladie debonaire,Thou recreant knight, and soone thy selfe prepaireTo battell, if thou meane her loue to gaine:Loe, loe alreadie, how the fowles in aireDoe flocke, awaiting shortly to obtaineThy carcasse for their pray, the guerdon of thy paine.

With that he sighed deepe for inward tyne:To whom the Squire nought aunswered againe,But shedding few soft teares from tender eyne,His deare affect with silence did restraine,And shut vp all his plaint in priuy paine.

I can't see how Syrian intelligence could have per suaded him to blow up Arafat and Mazen and Paine and himself for the glory of the Ba'ath party.

When Philip caught up with him, standing in his courtyard, feeding his domestic fowl with handfuls of grain, Paine was dressed like many of the other Revolutionary officials Radcliffe had seen thus far in France: a blue coat over a red waistcoat, long hair pulled back and tied without wig or powder.

At Fourth of July celebrations in Boston he would join Robert Treat Paine and Elbridge Gerry “in the place of honor” as surviving signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Robert Treat Paine and Vice President Elbridge Gerry were gone, Gerry dying of a heart attack while riding in his carriage to the Senate.

Tom Paine and Johnny Goldberg, wearing tricorner hats over powdered hair, play electric guitar.

Soon thereafter, he became involved in politics, and when the excisemen lobbied Parliament for a salary increase, Paine emerged as their spokesman.

But if Hollywood was going to make a movie about a crusty old patrician senator with a penchant for French wine and a good pipe after dinner, Tucker Paine was direct from central casting.

As Tom Paine warned, inuring us to lies lays the groundwork for many other evils.

He and Secretary of State Tucker Paine had hardly been kindred spirits.

Paine served as literary executor from 1910, when Mark Twain died, until his own death in 1937.

As they lifted the casket, Paine began playing on the orchestrelle Schubert's "Impromptu," which was Jean's favorite.