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n. (plural of pail English)

Usage examples of "pails".

And lifting the pails, she walked erratically down the byres, and when he hurried before her and opened the door for her she did not look at him or thank him, and his head drooped for a moment before he turned back into the byres and, taking up a switch brush, attacked the muck in the channel.

By the pails, sponges and curry-combs lying about, it was evident that she had been refreshed by a careful washing and rubbing down, and my lady was now luxuriously resting after her labors, with her devoted groom half asleep close by.

Finding that the hose was too short to reach the upper part of the roof, he was on the roof in a jiffy with two pails of water, and quenched the most dangerous spots before much harm was done.

Bushes near the creek and in the nearby forest were crammed with delicious berries and the youngsters, with pails in hand, gathered the ripening fruit.

He worked around the cottage, washed dishes, threw pails of water on the dirty porches, swept the floor, carried in coal and wood.

Major Pitcairn laughed, and two soldiers, at his command, seized the pails and made haste to the court-house, followed by many more.

He stood among the cracker-boxes and flour-barrels, with a background of shelves laden with bright-coloured calicoes, and a line of tin pails hanging overhead, and stated his view of the case with vigour.

They fed dying heifers hot pails of coffee, mercifully they shot dogs thinned by the nagana to sad bags of bones.

Leather pails, heavy with water, dripped as they were hauled up along a system of pulleys.

Slaves guarded their journey, sweating as they transferred the pails to a new pulley and hauled on the ropes.