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n. A sequin or spangle.

Usage examples of "paillette".

Free gold in paillettes was noticed by the Expedition in the micaceous schists veining the quartz, and in the chalcedony which parts the granite from the gneiss.

The fabric was of Burning Bright weave, shot through with strands of the iridescent pearl-silk rendered from the discarded shells of the sequensa after the more expensive paillettes had been cut, and he hesitated for a moment, wondering if it would be more tactful to wear something less obviously identified with his world of origin, but then shrugged the thought aside.

She bought a coat instead, this one straight-bodied, a rich gold-on-gold brocade embroidered at the neck and shoulders with gold beads and leaf-shaped paillettes of gold-dyed sequensas.

Sei bellissime ragazze, vestite solo di tacchi a spillo e di mutandine di paillettes, ballavano presso i tavoli, agitandosi, contor­cendosi, scuotendo i seni davanti alle facce sudate di uomini che erano come ipnotizzati, o che urlavano e applaudivano.